• My Maps do not show on my Alpha/Astro

    Installed Maps are not displaying

    Generally when a customer has issue with the maps not showing up they have accidently hit the Declutter option.

    First check to make sure you have a device that has maps installed correctly. If you're using a SD card for your maps, please make sure the card is properly installed and latched. (the metal latch should close and gently slide down to lock)

    If this does not fix your issue Please check your Declutter setting.

    ALPHA Instructions to remove Declutter:

    On the map page press the Three bars on the bottom, scroll down until you see Map Declutter Off, Press "map declutter off" and you should see your maps again. When you go back to check on the setting it should now read "Map Declutter On" which indicates that the declutter is actually turned off.

    Astro 320 Instructions to Remove Declutter:

    From your map page press the Menu Button. Look for Declutter Map off, Scroll down to Select Declutter Map Off and hit Enter. Your maps should now be showing, When you go back to check that setting it should now read "Declutter map ON" which indicates that the Declutter is actually off now.

    If this does not fix your mapping issue please call Double U @ 855-384-8687

  • How to Master Reset your Garmin® GPS Handheld

    Master Reset for Astro Handhelds

    Often performing a Master Rest on your handheld can help fix issues with your Astro.

    Doing a master reset will erase all your dogs and your waypoints so do not do a master reset until you have picked up all your dogs.

    Astro 220:    Turn Unit off:    Press and hold the Map, Enter, and Power Button at the same time,  Your unit will ask if you want to erase all user data,  Select Yes and the unit will perform the reset.

    Astro 320:  Turn Unit Off.   Press and Hold the Map and Enter button.   Continue holding down the Map and enter Buttons, while you Press and Release the Power button. Your unit will ask if you want to erase all user data,  Select Yes and the unit will perform the reset.

  • Dog Tracks are not Showing on Astro™ 320

    My Dogs Tracks are not showing or are shorter than I would like them to be on my 320 Handheld

    You have probably changed the dog Track length on screen.  You can change this setting on the map page by pressing the map button several times.  It will cycle through showing No Tracks, 10 Minute Track, or All tracks.

    Another way to change this setting is on the Map Page.   Press Menu> Dog Setup> Track length of dogs,    Here you can select how long your tracks are.   (OFF would mean that it shows all tracks in Memory.)

  • DC40 Collar Will Not Turn On

    DC40 Will Not Turn On

    We have heard from several customers that have issues with DC40 collars that won't turn on.  Unfortunately most of the time these collars need to be sent back to Garmin® to be replaced.  One thing you can check to be sure that replacement is necessary is to plug in the DC40 to a charger, if the blue light does not turn on when connected to the charger it will need replaced, you can call Double U 855-384-8687.

  • DC30 or DC40 Solid Red Light

    Solid Red Light on DC30 or DC40 collars

    Repairing a Garmin Tracking collar that has a Solid Red Light problem.

    If A collar has a Solid Red Light you will need to have the software reloaded on the collar.

    In this video I show how to fix a Collar that has a solid red light on a DC40, (Same for DC30, and DC20) and will not communicate with the hand held. 

    This option is not available to my knowledge with a 220. Previously with the 220's we would have to send these collar back to Garmin for repair.